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Tricia HogbinThrough her work in threatened species conservation, Tricia has seen first-hand the destructive impact our consumer culture has on the environment. She’s passionate about living a life that is less about consumption and more about meaning, connection and happiness.

“I’ve been working in the conservation of Australia’s threatened flora for around 20 years. Initially I worked in research, investigating how we can use research to help conserve threatened flora. Then I moved into impact assessment and implementation of on-ground recovery actions. I now work for the Australian Network for Plant Conservation, a national not-for-profit that aims to promote and improve plant conservation.”

“I feel like I’ve been searching for where I can have the most impact on the devastating loss of our beautiful flora. Increasingly I feel like I’m wasting my time. There’s little we can do to halt extinction unless we move away from a culture of consumption.  We are the threat – what we eat, where we live and how we spend our time and money has a direct impact on our environment.”

Tricia strongly believes that moving away from the aggressive consumer culture towards a life that is less destructive on the environment doesn’t have to be about deprivation. “The changes we have made to reduce the environmental impact of our household have added meaning and joy to our life.”

Tricia hopes to inspire other families to reduce their environmental impact through her weekly Newcastle Herald column ‘Less is More’ and her blog

For inspiration of how to live better with less visit or follow Tricia on Instagram.


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