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Sonia DonaldsonSonia Donaldson is a passionate mum on a mission.  She wants to change the world, one family at a time. ‘Healthy, Happy and Holistic’ is her catchphrase and goal in life.

Sonia is the creator and writer at Natural New Age Mum, a popular blog sharing ideas on healthy, whole food, chemical free living and inspiration for the soul.

By encouraging readers to make small changes in an easy to read and non-judgmental way, Sonia has built up a huge following in just under two years.

She has a business degree and a background in management and the wellness industry. After contracting an auto-immune disease eight years ago, she was forced her to examine her life in more detail and start exploring and adopting a completely natural, new age way of living.  It has been incredibly life changing for her whole family.

Sonia lives in sunny Queensland with her new age hippy husband, two teenagers and a dastardly dachshund called Wilbur. You can find her on the yoga mat, walking on the beach, sipping a chai tea on her back deck or scrounging in the op shops for bargains.

Connect with Sonia at, or on Facebook.


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