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Melissa GoodwinMelissa Goodwin is the creator of the Australian website, Frugal and Thriving and author of the eBook, Plan Cook Save.

“Frugal living started out as a necessity when I left home. As a student earning a casual income, I had to be creative with my finances. Nowadays, frugal living allows me to be a stay-at-home mum to my two young children,” says Melissa.

“But frugal living is more than just saving money. I’ve always been a greenie at heart, but the more I read about environmental issues, the more I realised that frugal living goes hand in hand with healthy and sustainable living.

“Making your own cleaners for instance, not only saves you money, it reduced the toxic chemicals you are exposed to. Cooking whole foods from scratch rather than eating manufactured food makes us healthier. So too does a walk in the park rather than sitting in front of the television. And of course, our natural environment benefits from us consuming less too. A frugal life leads to a thriving life for all.

“I was lucky in that my parents and grandparents taught me many of the skills important for a frugal life. Skills like cooking from scratch, budgeting money, repairing and making do. I realised however, that many of these skills have been lost to my generation. So I decided to share what I have learnt on the Frugal and Thriving website.”

Find with Melissa on Frugal and Thriving or on Facebook.


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