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Joanna CozensJoanna Cozens is one half of the duo behind

Up until a couple of years ago, she and her husband Dave were like many Australians and took the worn path to the supermarket, stuffed their trolley full of stuff apparently called food, slathered themselves in lotions bursting with chemicals, and ‘cleaned’ house with products that would best be classified as weapons of mass destruction.

“But then,” she says, “we started to itch.”

“Not in the literal sense, thankfully. We just started to feel that the way we shopped and purchased stuff didn’t feel quite right. So we started to ask questions. Like what are we actually eating? What’s the bigger picture in buying perfect looking, yet insipid tomatoes when they are clearly not in season? Why are we actually supporting these supermarkets when we both grew up watching our Mums and Dads working tirelessly in their own businesses?”

On top of all that, they were ready for a professional change too. After 30 years combined experience playing in the advertising and marketing space (and subsequently feeling a little bit older and wiser) they wanted to start using their skills “for good rather than evil”.

“The light bulb moment was when we asked ourselves how we could combine our passion for living more organically, sustainably and ethically with our existing skills to have the best of both worlds i.e. do something we love and finally use what we know to really make a difference,” Joanna explains.

“So personally and professionally, this is the story of what has inspired us to start up Daily Organic. Whether you’ve just started your personal journey dabbling in organics or have been doing it for years, or you’re a business wanting more than just a directory listing, we hope you’ll join us in discovering, sharing and inspiring more Australians to live organically, sustainably, ethically one step, one banana, one cleaning product at a time.”

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