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Dr. Teray Garchitorena KunishiFrom doing energy work with Tibetan nuns in India, to volunteering for sustainable agriculture in the Philippines, to interning at a water fasting retreat center, Dr. Teray Garchitorena Kunishi has spent most of her life exploring what it means to be truly happy and well.

“I was a sickly child,” she recalls, “and even though I played varsity soccer in college, I had frequent throat infections and was hospitalized many times. I was on antibiotics constantly, and I couldn’t understand why I kept getting sick.”

Her first introduction to natural medicine was through her work with the Jesuit Volunteers of the Philippines, where she was assigned to support farmers in developing cooperatives, and using organic methods for growing food. After stumbling upon a book about the impact of sugar on health, she decided to make some simple but profound changes to her diet.

“After stopping sugar and refined products for a few weeks, I felt clear, energetic and better than I’d ever felt before. I was ecstatic but also indignant – I had been sick for years! Why hadn’t any of my doctors talked to me about diet?”

Soon after, she began her medical training at Bastyr University, one of the world’s most respected schools for naturopathic medicine.

Dr. Teray is co-founder of the Berkeley Naturopathic Medical Group in Berkeley, California. Her clinical focus is on integrative treatments for mental health conditions. Her workshops and programs provide solutions for depression, anxiety, fatigue, chronic stress, and insomnia, ADHD and PTSD, using nutrition, herbal medicine, coaching and mind-body medicine.

“Just as the mind has a profound effect on the health of the body, the opposite is also true. It is critical to evaluate and support the whole person; in this way, true healing can unfold.”

She lives in Oakland, California and also leads workshops, keynotes and talks throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Find Teray at www.berkeleynaturopathic.com or on Facebook.


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