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Alicia’s journey toward safer living started in 2006 when Joanie, one of the Land sisters, moved to South Carolina with her husband and baby boy. She called home one morning after taking her son to their new pediatrician where she was advised to immediately throw out all clear, hard plastic baby bottles to protect her son from endocrine disruption. She left the appointment in shock and began to worry that she was dealing with a doctor who was off his rocker! So she turned to her sister Alicia, a Registered Nurse and unapologetic medical research geek, for help.

Alicia set out that day to prove him wrong but hundreds of research studies only proved him right. The more information she pored over, the more she began to see a pattern of chemicals leaching from plastic, skincare, and cleaning products to cause damage – especially in children. Alicia began a search for a plastic baby bottle made without bisphenol-A to recommend to Joanie. She was was shocked to only come up with only one possibility after weeks of phone calls to manufacturers.  Her continued search for safe products eventually lead to the birth of The Soft Landing, LLC in 2007.

Alicia now works with her mom and sisters to educate parents about the dangers of toxic chemicals in everyday products and their effect on growing children.  The Soft Landing team specializes in childproofing and healthy home consultation for families who are interested in protecting their loved ones ones from physical harm and from toxic chemical exposure.

Their work has been cited by ABC News, Newsweek, New York Times, USA Today, Fox 4 News, KMBC 9 News, The Kansas City Star, National Geographic’s The Green Guide, Dr. Greene, Kiwi and the Environmental Working Group (EWG).

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