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From luxury cosmetics to being a folk singer songwriter, famed cocktail bartender, training, consulting and running a boutique events business: you’d think that would be enough for some in the first 20 years of career.

Well, there was still something missing for Alexx Stuart. She explains it as wanting unanswered questions answered, on behalf of many – a niggling curiosity that she couldn’t shake when it came to the crazy health situation in the modern world.

Having healed herself through natural therapies and much research, clawing back from a time of chronic migraine, countless rounds of antibiotics for chronic tonsillitis, PCOS and thyroid issues, she has a strong opinion on why she and so many have found ourselves in the degenerative mess we find ourselves in, and shares collective wisdom on how to get people out!

So armed with nothing but enthusiasm for making a difference, and a ridiculous thirst for knowledge and justice, she says “I’m here. I’m in the arena and I’m doing what feels right to help people heal themselves and heal the planet. I don’t feel I have a choice really, it’s kind of like a propelling desire to act in a time where the world needs teachers. Of everything I’ve done and every industry I’ve been in, teaching is what I can do. I’m loving every minute of this journey and the people I am meeting who are sharing their stories.”

Alexx is on a mission to help people eat better and be more conscious of what we use on our skin and in our homes, while eradicating all those guilty moments and feelings of deprivation from our psyche. She believes true change and guilt cannot co-exist and in her demos, keynotes and writing, the message is always one of empowerment, justice and big picture progress. Her first book Real Treats shot to #1 Amazon best seller within 12 hours of publishing. Alexx has made the first chapter of Real Treats, along with a bonus recipe, available to Less Toxic Living readers as a free bonus. Neither nutritionist nor doctor, Alexx calls herself a ‘concerned citizen’ who feels called to a task to help, in a world gone a little bonkers.

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